Covid and Schools in Vietnam Update.

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Covid updates ( October 6th )

According to the latest data, the overall number of infections in the country has risen to 803,202, with 798,626 being the result of the fourth wave of infections that has swept the country since late April.

In comparison to yesterday, the country’s seven-day average of daily confirmed new cases is down 600 cases to 8,065 cases.

According to the health ministry, the country set a new record for the number of patients given the all-clear on Saturday, with 28,857 recoveries, surpassing the previous record set the day before, bringing the overall number of recoveries to 664,938.

The health ministry’s report stated 6,337 people are still in critical condition, with 805 requiring invasive ventilation and 25 still on life support.

Saturday saw a total of 164 COVID-19 deaths, raising the seven-day average to 165. To date, there have been 19,601 COVID-19 fatalities in Vietnam, accounting for 2.5 percent of all infections.


On Friday, 760,643 doses of COVID-19 vaccination were provided, bringing the total number of immunizations administered throughout Vietnam to over 43.6 million. The second vaccine has been to 10.1 million people , this is out of a population of close on 100 million people in Vietnam.

HCM City supports COVID-19-affected foreigners

Ho Chi Minh city is home to 200,000 expats and they will be helped from now until the city is clear of viruses or so it has been said by the Government.

As a result, food and social security will be provided to foreigners in all districts and Thu Duc City who are experiencing challenges with their livelihoods and housing.

Medical supplies will also be issued to foreigners at quarantine camps.

You can find out more at the Governments official portal. ” The Socialist Republic On-Line Newspaper of the Government of Vietnam.” ==> HERE <==

Opening the doors.

So slowly the Country is opening up again after a close on 5 month lockdown for some areas. Even some domestic flights have been resumed however no International flights have started running yet at the time of writing.

The reports are confusing with somes provinces asking for flight opening delays and even Hanoi still limiting it’s flights.

Ho Chi Minh City.

But in Ho Chi Minh there will be a relaxing of Covid travel bans from October 1st. All inner-city checkpoints will be eliminated beginning Friday, but municipal police will remain patrols to protect safety as part of a plan to ease Covid-19 restrictions in the southern city.


People who have had at least one Covid-19 vaccine injection in the last 14 days or who have contracted and recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months are eligible to go out. And you will have to carry your records or have a QR code on your phone if you do go out.

You will have to show your QR codes health declaration applications to show your immunization, infection, or recovery records when asked by authorities. You can, however, show hard copies of your records if you haven’t updated them online.

At this stage no one will be permitted to leave the city on their own, and those who attempt to do so will be stopped at checkpoints located at the city’s entrances.

What does this mean for School openings.?

Most Schools are still Teaching on-line and some may not open their doors until February 2022. But it is not all bad news for teachers and students. In some of the smaller cities and towns the schools are returning and advertisements are appearing for teachers.

A Ray of Light.

If the idea of re-opening is accepted, the Thanh An school on Thanh An Island will be the first in Ho Chi Minh City to offer in-person classes in the 2021-2022 school year.

Prior to the latest Covid-19 pandemic, the municipal education department had issued a plan to the municipal People’s Committee to reopen schools in “safe” districts.

Kindergartens, first and second grade courses would be the first to reopen, followed by ninth and twelfth grade classes, and finally the rest. To avoid mass gatherings, classes would be spread throughout the day.

Let’s see what happens.

The New Rules.

Fully vaccinated instructors are one of the conditions for schools to reopen. In-person classes are optional, however individuals who are unable to attend school can still take advantage of online and broadcast lessons.

What do I Think.

In my opinion, don’t hold your breath. I don’t think the schools will be re-opening on mass this year. I believe that most classes will still be on-line. Teaching in a classroom for most will not happen until February 2022.

And if you don’t want to get your 2 vaccinations you will not be teaching in a classroom again. There are some opportunities for teaching on-line. Check out some of the teacher recruitment groups in Facebook. for Example:

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) ESL Teaching Jobs

In short, I think schools will be slow in re-opening and it will be survival mode for those who decided to ride out the Corona virus.

Good luck and if you need to reach out, leave a comment below.

For more information about Vietnam and teaching in Vietnam. Look ==> HERE <==


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