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Teaching in a classroom
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To make your life easier in the classroom (Public schools) it is advisable to have some tools available to help.


Classroom sizes in Vietnam are pretty big. You can walk into a class of 50 students every day. If you are not prepared you will be exhausted by days end. You need help to project your voice.

What do I need?

First off a wireless headset with a blue tooth connection to a speaker will save your voice after a day in the classroom.

I currently use an “Aporo”  wireless headset and Sony 30 watt speaker (XB32). As well as this I run all my audio recordings through Google drive on my cell phone.

Any good wireless headset and speaker will work. I recommend you try before you teach.

My cell phone is also connected via blue tooth to the Sony speaker. I have pre-saved all my audio recordings to my cell phone and pre-program the tracks I need for the lessons ahead.

I also use a mini projector for any visual presentations and display it on a wall in the classroom. Or I use a whiteboard or a rollout screen. I also have the audio output of the projector connected to the Sony speaker.

If you want to make your classroom experience more exciting and easier for you, invest in your future.

Here are a couple of items that may help.

I hope this helps. Also, have a look at my other posts, they might even help you.

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