Is Learning the Alphabet Still Important for ESL Students?

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The Importance of the ABC. Do you still think teaching the alphabet is worthwhile or just an excuse to fill in time in the classroom? Do you get sick of hearing the sing-song of the young students attempted at the ABC and then appalled when they can’t say it without singing? I think the ABC … Read more

Teaching Phonics to ESL Students.

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What is Phonics? Phonics refers to the sounds of a language and includes how sounds are pronounced, how syllables or words are stressed, and intonation. If students learn early on what sounds each letter or combination of letters makes, it may help them improve their reading, listening, and speaking skills. In a nutshell, phonics is … Read more

Essential Tech Tools for the ESL Classroom

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My Essential Tech Tools for the ESL Classroom. After spending 15 years in Vietnam teaching, I have experienced a wide range of tech availability in the classroom. I have seen everything from high-end whiteboards like the one above to classrooms with just a fan. One thing I have learned is to make sure you are … Read more

Tips for Using Songs in the ESL Classroom.

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Using Songs in The ESL Classroom. Music can be used in English classes in a variety of ways. It provides numerous advantages for both the teacher and the pupils, including boosting memory and focus, stimulating learning, and, most significantly, making learning enjoyable. Nothing makes a teacher happier than seeing their kids laugh and grin while … Read more

How to teach ESL to Teenagers.

Teenagers in a Vietnamese classroom.

Teaching English to Teenagers. You may believe that teaching ESL to teens is more challenging than teaching English to children or adults. Common preconceptions are that because they are going through changes in their life they are less willing to learn. However, as an experienced EFL teacher of kids and teens, and adults in Vietnam, … Read more

How to Make Money teaching ESL |101

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Make Money Teaching English | 101. You can earn a lot of money teaching English as a second language, whether you’re searching for a side hustle or full-time employment. You have the option of teaching either online or in a classroom. Most teaching firms pay teachers a range of hourly rates, and I’ll show you … Read more

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