How to teach ESL to Teenagers.

Teenagers in a Vietnamese classroom.

Teaching English to Teenagers. You may believe that teaching ESL to teens is more challenging than teaching English to children or adults. Common preconceptions are that because they are going through changes in their life they are less willing to learn. However, as an experienced EFL teacher of kids and teens, and adults in Vietnam, … Read more

How to Make Money teaching ESL |101

Ho Chi Minh City

Make Money Teaching English | 101. You can earn a lot of money teaching English as a second language, whether you’re searching for a side hustle or full-time employment. You have the option of teaching either online or in a classroom. Most teaching firms pay teachers a range of hourly rates, and I’ll show you … Read more

How to use Gamification in the Classroom.

games in the classroom

What is Gamification? Gamification is the process of turning a classroom and normal activities into a game. It is a basic concept that uses a practical, applied, and totally hands-on approach to learning to increase student engagement, modify views and attitudes and develop abilities. It necessitates imagination, teamwork, and fun. There are a variety of … Read more

How to Improve English Reading Skills | EFL

reading skills

Learning English requires the use of four separate skills. The four skills in learning a language. People generally learn these four English Language skills in the following order. Listening skill. When people are learning a new language they will first hear it spoken. Like a newborn baby to the learning of a language, they will … Read more

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