ESL Teacher training / TESOL, TEFL or CELTA

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There are millions of people worldwide who dont speak English but want to. The ability to teach English is a great career boost and also a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.Students everywhere want to start their journey into learning English. And by doing the training, whether its TESOL (Teaching English to Students of other Languages), TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), or CELTA ( Certificate in English Teaching Language to Adults)  you can help them achieve their goals.
ESL teachers instruct students whose first language isn’t English in reading, writing and conversing effectively. These teachers approach English skills from a real-life perspective, often focusing on conversational and job-related communication skills. They can help students function in an environment built upon the English language, or they may work abroad to introduce students to English. Travel may be required, and teachers might need an abundance of patience when working with students who may become frustrated when trying to learn an unfamiliar language.

There is an abundance of schools providing training which can be either on-line or face to face. The length of the course and cost depends on which type of training you do and the company or school you choose. A two to four week course or 120 hours is common. This will cover your basic English teaching license and if you want to add on more units (e.g. English for business, English for tourism) or even do an ESL Diploma, you may take up to six months.

You may decide to do your course in your home country or do it in Vietnam. There are pro’s and con’s to both approaches. but if you decide to do the training in Vietnam the course is directly related to this market and schools will help you find a job.

I recommend two schools that have different approaches to training both of which I have found to be very professional.

Australian International TESOL.

Australian International TESOL provide a multitude of professional International TESOL training and certification courses, Teaching Assistant training courses, professional International ESL specification upgrades and business and industry specific career ESL education upgrades. AIT TESOL’s intensive courses are renown for their International ESL methodologies, practical ESL implementation, ESL consulting and career opportunities throughout Vietnam and selected Asian destinations.

AIT TESOL offer:
– International TESOL Certification
– Industry Specific upgrade electives
– AIT TESOL Professional Diploma
– Teaching Assistant training courses

AIT TESOL courses are available at multiple locations across Vietnam and now available online!

Visit AIT TESOL and start your TESOL journey today!

World Tesol Academy

A TESOL/TEFL certificate is an essential qualification required by most schools when hiring English language (ESL) teachers.

Through this qualification course, you’ll learn the foundational skills needed to become an English language teacher. This includes an essential understanding of how the English language is structured, along with a range of classroom management skills and language teaching techniques.

By the end of the course you’ll earn your TESOL/TEFL qualification and gain a set of skills that can be used to teach English overseas and online.

Victoria’s story:

“A great course for the price. I’m too busy for going to a class and I need a recognized TESOL certificate for my online teaching work.” 
I’ve recently learned about online teaching and decided to give it a try.  After some researching I found that I would need a “TESOL” or “TEFL” certificate to get employed by one of the big companies. The biggest companies are based in China and the law there says that you need a recognized certificate to teach.

The course took me about 10 days to finish and I completed it using my Ipad. As I was most interested in online teaching (at least for the time being) I found the online teaching module toe be particularly interesting.

2 thoughts on “ESL Teacher training / TESOL, TEFL or CELTA”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I’m planning to take a course in teaching English abroad, with working Vietnam in mind but am unsure on the kind of course to take.

    Perhaps you could help in answering the following questions:
    1. Do Vietnamese schools/centers prefer candidates with TESOL or TEFL.
    2. What’s the job market for teaching English to adults, and is a CELTA certificate a prerequisite to teach adults in Vietnam or is a TESOL / TEFL certification enough.

    Your website is an excellent resource. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Tashi,
      Thanks for the comments. At the moment Vietnamese schools, both private and public are desperately in need of good teachers. You will need a TESOL or TEFL at the minimum. In my opinion, CELTA is the premium training qualification that is available. But you need to weigh up the costs involved.
      To start with I would look at the TESOL first. Most of the schools in Vietnam would be more than willing to employ someone with a TESOL certificate. The schools also ask for a University degree, albeit in any subject at the moment. You can have a bachelor of science and still be accepted to teach English. However like anything the more relevant the degree, the more chance you will have of securing the job.
      CELTA is not a prerequisite for teaching Adults, however as above, the better the qualifications the more chance you have of getting the job.
      One of the many hats I wear is “Job Placements for ESL/EFL teachers in Vietnam”. If you wish me to help you get a job and a “letter of intent to employ”, I am happy to help. You can contact me directly via
      If you wish, put together a resume with photos and contact details along with any questions you want to be answered.

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