Teachers Day in Vietnam

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National Teachers day.

Vietnam celebrates National Teacher’s Day on November 20th.

Is there a teacher who has had a significant and meaningful impact on your life? Someone who patiently helped you through a difficult topic or subject, or encouraged you to pursue your interests and passions?

If you answered yes, I don’t need to inform you about the immense gratitude that kids have for their teachers.

On National Teacher’s Day in Vietnam, pupils express their thankfulness, gratitude, and respect for their teachers.

In this article, you’ll learn why National Teacher’s Day is so important to Vietnamese students’ and teachers, as well as a little about the history of Teacher’s Day in Vietnam.

On this day, students’ pay tribute to their teachers by visiting them, presenting flowers, and sending messages. Many working people still visit their old schools and teachers, thus this day also serves as an opportunity for graduates to reunite and relive old memories while also discussing their present life.

Additionally, this is the day on which the ministries evaluate and award instructors who have excelled during the year.

When is National Teachers day.

In 1957, a group of Vietnamese educators and education professionals traveled to Poland to attend an international teacher’s conference. The first commemoration was held in 1958 to mark the 50th anniversary of that meeting. It evolved from there, and the day was formally titled Viet Nam Teachers’ Day in 1982.

Teachers day is historically held on the 20th of November. The first nationwide celebration in Vietnam was held on November 20th, 1982. From that day on, the 20th has become one of the most important and customary days for the country’s education sector. It commemorates every single individual who has contributed to the Education sector and celebrates their accomplishments in raising the next generation of students’.


Stories from Students

Here are some brief stories from students’ in Vietnam and their take on Teachers day.

These stories are unaltered and may contain some mistakes. But it gives a true feeling to how the students’ feel and think.

All nicknames were chosen by the students’.


Teachers Day is a special day for students’ send a thankyou to their teachers. In general, all schools in HCM city will give students’ the day off to organize and attend a ceremony and the afternoon will be a time for former students’ to visit the school and visit their teachers, for example. To me, I usually hang out with my friends or stay at home and sleep on Teachers Day. Because it’s rare that my school just gave us a day off.


Teachers’ Day is November 20th. This is a day celebrated to express our gratitude to our teachers for their dedication and hard work. Students should respect their teachers, and Teachers’ Day is the perfect occasion to show teachers how much they appreciate them. This is an opportunity for students’ to express their gratitude and deep gratitude to their teachers.


Teachers are our second parents. They deserve to be appreciated and respected, especially on Teachers Day- an occasion takes place on 20th November. On this day, most school hold events for students’ to give their teachers presents and also love. This is a big day in the field of education, one of the most meaningful days of the year.

Teacher Day Celebrations.

The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day holiday allows pupils to express their gratitude and admiration for their teachers. Concerts, recitals, and exhibitions are common events at schools. .

For the ceremonies, students’ also prepare food and flowers. Classes are frequently canceled for the day. In schools. However,.students’ often attend school in the morning and some also spend the whole day partaking in these joyful activities.

there are a slew of activities to commemorate this holiday.

Students’ will have been practising their performances and been preparing for several weeks prior to the day. You will see traditional costumes and dances along with the students’ version of K or V pop. All good fun and highly entertaining.

Some parents take advantage of this opportunity to meet and thank their children’s teachers.

Parents and students’ express their gratitude by bringing to school beautiful flowers and other gifts for teachers. Some students’ even decorate their own ‘thank you’ card to teachers.

Passing of “red envelopes” while officially frowned upon still happens in most schools. Although not so much for Foreigners. But do not be surprised if you have to carry home several bunches of flowers.

Lucky Money.

Teachers Day for Foreign Teachers.

Do you want to know if international teachers who work in Vietnam are recognized on this day? “Yes,” is the answer. Like other Vietnamese teachers, they will get blessings and presents from their pupils, parents, and the schools were they teach. They will receive all the love and respect that the Vietnamese people have for them.

You will be in awe by what occurs on Vietnam’s national teacher’s day. I have taught at schools were the students’ put on elaborate performances for the Teachers. And afterwards the teachers retreat into the hall and drink beer, eat and sing karaoke. An outrageously funny day.

“When I first heard about Teachers’ Day in Vietnam, I was surprised because we don’t have anything like this in New Zealand,” said Stephen, a teacher who has participated in several Teachers’ Day events in Vietnam.

“I think it’s fantastic that the children are doing so much for the teachers and acknowledging them. It’s always encouraging to watch our pupils put forth so much effort. Stephen Hey, a foreign teacher who has lived in Vietnam for nearly fifteen years, said, “All the teachers look forward to this day.”


I hope you learned something new about Vietnam Teacher’s Day while you were here with me. Is there a day set aside in your country to honor and thank teachers?

If that’s the case, how do you express your gratitude to your teachers? I eagerly await your response!

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4 thoughts on “Teachers Day in Vietnam”

  1. The Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is different from what it is in other parts of the world. I like that in the Vietnamese culture, teachers are held in high regard. And that not only shows on Teacher’s Day but during every day of the year. Not only inside the classroom but also in the market, the park or where ever a teacher is.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Yes teachers are well respected in Vietnam and like everywhere in the world, provide a very valuable service.  

  2. I am not a teacher but it was truly heartwarming to read about the admiration and comraderie displayed on Teachers’ Day.  Teachers are truly unsung heroes.  They play so many different roles other than that of educator.  They are parents and caregivers during school hours as well.   Where I live in Trinidad & Tobago World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th.  While it seeks to recognise the value of teachers as is done in Viet Nam, the celebration are most definitely not on the same scale.  I think we can learn a lot from what is done in Viet Nam and I most certainly plan to share this article with teachers and educators that I know.

    This article has also peaked my interest in Viet Nam and I most certainly will be done some research of other cultural and social activities.  Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Roberta for your heartwarming reply. It is a very nice experience to be part of teachers day in Vietnam. It gives you an insight into the culture of the people who live here. It is a great place to visit, whether for holiday or work. Thanks for the kind comments.

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