What is Technology in the Online Classroom?

Technology in the Classroom. When the Covid-19 pandemic spread throughout the globe in early 2020, it wreaked havoc on practically every aspect of daily life, including education. Teachers made do with the resources and methods they were given as they made the fast transition to online instruction. Many teachers established the framework for long-term success … Read more

How to teach Business English | Tips and Tricks

Teaching Business English is fun and rewarding Teaching business English intimidates many EFL teachers. This is due to the misunderstanding that teaching business English is different than classroom teaching. But it’s more about helping students in honing their English skills for use in a professional setting. Here are some pointers to help you get started teaching … Read more

How to design a lesson plan | EFL

Lesson Planning. The Importance of lesson Plans A lesson plan is a tool that teachers use every day to establish what students will learn, how the lesson will be delivered, and how learning will be assessed. Lesson plans give teachers a clear structure to follow throughout each lesson, allowing them to be more effective in … Read more

Mistakes to avoid as an EFL teacher.

Mistakes to avoid before you start working. You have your new TEFL or TESOL certificate and you are busy applying for new teaching positions. Everything is great and you are fired up to take the first job offered. Slow down and look closely at what you are doing. Time and again I see new teachers … Read more

The best places to teach English abroad.

What are the best places to teach English abroad? I’ve compiled a list of my top 6 destinations to teach abroad in 2022, ranked by salary, quality of life, and cultural immersion. Despite current worldwide Covid restrictions, all countries are safe and open to teachers. However some restrictions are worth noting, for example most schools … Read more

Free Video Tools for Teachers | Screencast-O-Matic.

Encourage students to talk. Use video discussions to engage pupils. Allow students to write down their views or ideas about a school topic, or assist them in communicating with you on a deeper level. Use video to enhance the learning experience and to drive the discussion. Make a genuine connection Students can communicate with their … Read more

Resolution 105 | What does it mean for EFL teachers in Vietnam?

Resolution 105. Hold on to your hats we are diving into the deep end. Specifically, the Resolution strives to achieve the dual objectives of controlling the epidemic while also resuming corporate output and activities to stimulate economic growth. In addition, the Resolution considers how to assist businesses through credit assistance, tax extensions, and measures that … Read more

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