Lesson Plans for ESL students | Cooking in the Classroom.

Feed their stomachs then feed their brains. As an ESL teacher, I am always looking for different ideas and ways to get my teaching ideas out there. One of the joys of being a long-time ESL teacher is you are never stuck for an idea to use in the classroom. After 15 years I can … Continue reading “Lesson Plans for ESL students | Cooking in the Classroom.”

How to design a lesson plan | EFL

Lesson Planning. The Importance of lesson Plans A lesson plan is a tool that teachers use every day to establish what students will learn, how the lesson will be delivered, and how learning will be assessed. Lesson plans give teachers a clear structure to follow throughout each lesson, allowing them to be more effective in … Continue reading “How to design a lesson plan | EFL”

Chat GPT for Educators.

What is Chat GPT? A recent advancement in artificial intelligence called Chat GPT enables computers to comprehend and reply to input in natural language. It was developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, a startup with close ties to Microsoft. This technology represents a substantial advancement in artificial intelligence and is based on the most recent developments … Continue reading “Chat GPT for Educators.”

Common Health Problems for the EFL Teacher.

Health Problems in the Classroom. Keeping one’s physical health together when teaching in the classroom and online is important, especially when doing remote instruction via a computer. But as a teacher, it’s crucial to look after your mental health as well. You will benefit from this as well as improve your teaching and student outcomes. … Continue reading “Common Health Problems for the EFL Teacher.”

The Vietnam Education System and ESL

A Bit of Background. I think it always helps if you have a deeper understanding of both the country and the area in which you will work. So I hope that this information gives you the background context for you to help the students and yourself. An Overview. Since the 1980s, Vietnam has undergone substantial … Continue reading “The Vietnam Education System and ESL”

How to Teach ESL to Adults

Teaching English to Adults. Adult ESL instructors must be aware that their students’ learning styles differ slightly from those of children. According to studies, the ordinary adult is expected to be self-motivated and to have a clear goal in mind when learning a new subject or language. These two characteristics alone suggest that adult ESL … Continue reading “How to Teach ESL to Adults”

How to Make Money teaching ESL |101

Make Money Teaching English | 101. You can earn a lot of money teaching English as a second language, whether you’re searching for a side hustle or full-time employment. You have the option of teaching either online or in a classroom. Most teaching firms pay teachers a range of hourly rates, and I’ll show you … Continue reading “How to Make Money teaching ESL |101”

The top 10 Websites for new ESL teachers

Teaching ESL. If you’re new to teaching English, you’ll need to find the greatest teacher materials to help you get started. With the widely available lessons and PowerPoint on the internet, teaching ESL has never been easier. Teachers can use these ESL websites for assignments, lesson plans, and game ideas. It will halve the time … Continue reading “The top 10 Websites for new ESL teachers”