How to Teach ESL to Adults

Adult learners in a classroom

Teaching English to Adults. Adult ESL instructors must be aware that their students’ learning styles differ slightly from those of children. According to studies, the ordinary adult is expected to be self-motivated and to have a clear goal in mind when learning a new subject or language. These two characteristics alone suggest that adult ESL … Read more

How to Teach Grammar to ESL Students.

Grammar scrabble word

Teaching Grammar to ESL students. Teachers frequently shy away from grammar lessons because they are not fun to teach and can be immensely boring for the student. Before they can do anything, the students must sit silently and listen to a lecture on the present perfect, present simple, past participle, or whatever grammatical topic you … Read more

What is it like living in Vietnam as an Ex-Pat?


Vietnam has grown in popularity and it is now widely acknowledged as a safe place for ex-pats to live and work. The pleasant weather, inexpensive cost of living, vibrant culture, and gradual improvements in Vietnam’s infrastructure all attract ex-pats.  These are some of my thoughts and experiences about living in Vietnam for the past 15 … Read more

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