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    Mondly | The fun, easy and effective language app.

I think one of the best apps for learning English is Mondly. There are two versions you can use. You have the free version or the premium version. With the premium, you get a 7 day free trial on activation. After that it is ..

 1) One month for 69,000 Vietnamese dong or US $3.00 per month.

2) 12 months for 29,999 Vietnamese dong or US $15.00 per month

There are currently 70 million people learning 41 languages worldwide. You can download the app free from the App store.

Learning with AI is even better,

Look here at “Learn a New Language with AI”


1) 50 Topics to learn. These topics cover; Core vocabulary, Family, Countries and Languages, Romance; Seasons and Weather: Preparing a Trip; Travel;  Vacation activities and Public transportation. Helps you  prepare for the most common situations.

2) Forty one real conversations to give you fluency in your chosen language.

3)  Thirty six vocabulary builders to install words fast.

4) Grammar features and Conjugation tables to shortcut your progress.

 5) Quick daily lessons for constant improvement.


1) Being able to learn in any of your comfort zones. Learn in a relaxed environment. i.e. your own kitchen or den  wherever you find yourself.

2) Quick coverage of in depth content. Has the ability to cover a large range of training in a short period of   time.

3) Free new training everyday means new vocabulary and activities everyday. Should never be boring.

4) In depth, timely training gives clarity to content. Comprehension goes hand in hand with new vocabulary.

5) The greatest benefit in my opinion is learning quickly “on the go” where you can practise as you learn.

Additional learning experiences. 

Mondly Kids. Kids have so much fun “playing” Mondly Kids that they forget they’re learning a new language.

Mondly AR. Enjoy the immersive experience of learning a new language in Augmented Reality.

Mondly VR. Your own virtual language learning assistant. Anytime. Anywhere. The most advanced method to learning English.


Using apps like Mondly are a great way of additional training. I think by bringing together two or three styles of learning you will definitely be ahead of the pack.

Mondly was named “Editors’ Choice” in Google Play and “Best New App” by Apple.


2 thoughts on “Mondly App | App to Learn Languages”

  1. I have never heard of Mondly before, which is quite surprising. I am always learning some language or the other, and I imagined I would have come across it. 

    I wonder if it’s as good as Memrise or Duolingo? I have used these two to learn French and German, and I find these really good. I will try out Mondly as well. 

    Thanks for the information. 



    1. Hi Aparna, I have used “Memrise” and tried “Duolingo”, but as a teacher I find “Mondly” to be more intuitive. I have it on my phone and try to use it everyday. I use it to learn Vietnamese which is a very tonal language so I need good sound quality which I get from this app. And sorry about the delay in the reply but we have been badly affected by Covid19 in Vietnam which has kept me very busy trying to help others. Unfortunately to the detriment of my business.

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