Are you an ESL teacher looking for a second income?

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Sometimes as an ESL ( English as a Second Language) Teacher it is nice to add more strings to our bow. Teaching ESL in exotic locations has always appealed to me, but sometimes the lifestyle can take a bump or two. Perhaps the school you were contracted with had its funds re-rallocated by the Government or you just happened to start teaching in the middle of what will turn out to be the worst pandemic in over 50 years. Covid has caught up with a lot of teachers I know, forcing them to rethink their careers. Most of us teachers love our jobs and love helping the students attain their language goals. However when it starts to get tight financially you have to be prepared to do something else. and the majic word in that sentence is “prepared”. Like most things in life you have to prepare for change. Do not expect to walk out of teaching and into another job that pays the same, especially in a foreign (possibly) third world country.

How to get a second income.

There are a number of opportunities around at the moment. we are living in strange times. The U.S.A has a very high unemployment rate currently, yet businesses are complaining that they can not get staff. Restaurants are closing because they can not find waiters and cooks. Small businesses are finding running their business has become impossible because they can not find checkout staff.. However, look on a lot of social media websites and you will always find people advertising for stock brokers and FX traders. Drop shippers and bloggers and crypto currency traders are a dime a dozen. So there are definitely positions out there but you havee to be careful. Blockchain, crypto currency traders scare me, as it looks like gambling to me. Drop shipping seems like more of a safe option. Harder work and not an overnight success story. So that is something I would consider. My only concern is that when someone like Jeff Bozos wants out, it might mean that this form of shopping might be coming to an end. My apologies if you don’t agree, but I just want to keep this in laymans terms. Easy for all of us to understand.

Affiliate marketers build wealth for many reasons – to feel financial secure, to be able to live a meaningful life, Build networks, to help others and to become an expert in what they love to do. The reasons are very individual

Marketing madness, are we all insane.

My favorite form of marketing madness is Affiliate marketing. And especially niche affiliate marketing. Heck, why don’t we make it even harder and develop a super niche and only sell…no..wait..we only offer to sell to those who are interested in our niche. And we are not going to make it more expensive to buy via us. In fact we might put together an incentive package for r patrons to thank them for us making it easier for them to find the product and purchase it. Now, if i could only include some self flaggelation …

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How to become an affiliate marketer.

Becoming a good and successful affiliate marketer is not done overnight. It takes time like everything else you want to master, but having a commitment, a successful blueprint which the likes of Wealthy Affiliates has laid out, along with training classes that are a priceless help in becoming a good Affiliate marketer.

The most awesome thing with Affiliate marketing is that you can choose any niche you want. You can turn your passion into a business or you can decide to make a business around something you love. There is nothing like the feeling of enjoying your work every day. It is a very smart way of working.

Some people choose to use their time to build wealth and multiple income streams to get the life they feel they deserve.

Jaxxy and productivity.

Teachers use markers and white boards and affiliate marketers use a word or phrase research tool.Thiis tool takes the words and phrases used to find information on the web and uses that to gather in depth research on other websites. This will provide you with a huge quantity of information about other companies. And they can also help uncover low cost domains as well as fast growing businesses in the market place. How much would you pay to find out the next big thing in the financial markets or the next massive thing in the wearable technology market. Would you like to be months, if not years ahead of your competitors.Can your business not afford to have it. Jaxxy is one of these tools. Not the only one, but the only one designed by cutting edge affiliate marketers..While you are deciding on which research tool to use, Jaxxy and its owners, Wealthy Affiliates give you the opportunity to use it up to thirty times on a trial basis. ,

Money and affiliate marketing.

There will be ups and downs in your business, but don’t ever let yourself get beat as a result of lack of effort.That I would say is the #1 contributor to failure that I have seen after working with a lot of people online, many of which have created incredible success. Effort, and sustaining a high level of effort over time will have a profound and very positive impact on your business and success.

Effort alone will take you wherever you want to go within the online business world. Now get out there and be productive! Your business and your success deserves it.

Affiliate marketers build wealth for many reasons – to feel financially secure, to be able to live a meaningful life, Build networks, to help others and to become an expert in what they love to do. The reasons are very individual and drive the success of each affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliates is a wonderful way to provide a second income stream.

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