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We all like a good quiz. And in the classroom it can generate a lot of laughs. Remember, laugh and learn.It can also generate discussions about english.

Where did our English words come from and who used them and how were they used. And i am also interested in the future if English. Will we still need language as we know it today. Will we be speaking or communicating like the ancient Egyptians using emojis instead of heiroglyphics. Will we even need the spoken word or will we be fitted with internal computers that  “speak” only in mathematical equations, a binary language as such. Or will some of our other abilities awaken and we find we can communicate telepathically. 

When using quizes and promoting general discussion ( This has its’ own challenges) it can be very rewarding to see your students grappling with ideas and trying to share in a language they are not fully conversant in.

Anyway, lets jump in and I can show you a couple of quizes. Thease can be put into electronic format or a print format. I would recommend starting with a printed version only until you become more conversant in handling Quizes. Remember to break your class groups that challenge one another. A small prize ( A pepsi or crisps for each winning team member) is a good idea. There are a lot of different games or quizes that you can use. One of the easiest is to go around the class using the alphabet to elicit responses for the names of individual animals or food or countries. For example A for apple, B for banana, C for chocolate  etc. a for Australia, B for Beiruit, C for Canada..etc IThis is a good warm up activity for when the students walk into the classroom. 

Teaching Speaking Quiz

1. Which of the following refers to a casual form of conversation that breaks the ice or fills silence between people?

 small talk
 quick chat
 instant message

2. Which step does not belong in the pre-communicative stage of a speaking lesson?

 introduce the function
 provide useful expressions
 play the recorded dialogue

3. “Wait time” refers to the amount of time

 between giving a presentation and getting a mark
 student should wait before asking a 2nd question
 a teacher remains silent after asking a question

4. What type of speaking activity is this? Student A: You are boarding a bus. Ask the driver if it will take you to your hotel. Student B: You stop to pick up a business traveler. Help the traveler find the right route.


5. Which role is the teacher playing here? The teacher listens to the students having a group discussion, and takes notes of sample language to go over later.


6. When setting up group discussions in the classroom it is a good idea to

 vary group sizes from time to time
 keep friends together whenever possible
 choose a narrowed down topic for students

7. The degree to which another person can understand someone’s spoken language is referred to as


8. Which of the following is an important part of spoken language that should be covered in speaking lessons?


9. Choose the word that matches the following definition: a specific language goal or aim presented in a lesson

 skill basis
 pedagogic task
 target structure

10. Maximizing STT is the same as

 micromanaging small groups
 maintaining classroom control
 minimizing teacher talking time

Just because something is old and has been used a lot in the past does not mean it is any less relevant in helping students (and teachers) attain their English goals.

2 thoughts on “English Words Quiz”

  1. You have made your point in providing information first to Vietnamese students, next to all whom your post will reach.

    You also posted an example of an English quiz. For those interested to know how they scored from the quiz, do you have plans of providing an answer sheet to them? 

    Even in other countries, people who would like to enhance conversation on English may want to take the test and look for their score. 

    How about the teachers who would like to use your English Test Sheet, is there a way that you can provide downloadable file which they can print and use? Or prior to that question, let me ask, would you allow teachers to use your English Test Sheets? 

    You are doing great in your chosen niche, just providing thoughts to ponder and later, possible things to consider.

    To your success on this journey!

    1. Thanks Rose, they were great comments. I will take on board the idea about a downloadable file and will build something with that in mind. I think perhaps I should have an information base of tests, quizzes and other classroom activity that can be used by teachers, students or parents. 

      I was also thinking about putting out a weekly quiz. The person who returns the quiz correct and first wins some educational prize. Thankyou so much for giving me these ideas. 

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