ESL Lesson Plans for Kids

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A good teacher should always find new ways to engage the student. Looking for new ideas and new content for the classroom needn’t be difficult or a chore. There is a wealth of ideas and classroom activities that can be gleaned from the internet. Then you have other resources like class books, You Tube sites and Teacher forums. It is not difficult to find new resources for your students. You can use print outs or videos or apps developed for different ages and skill levels.

Your students will love you for the time you have taken to make the lessons more ineresting. It is easy to get into the habit of providinng the same type of lesson over and over again, but it is also just as easy to get into the habit of looking for new material.

First you have to make sure that it is age relevant. Also it is relevant for the skill level of the students. A good lesson plan can incorporate flashcards, worksheets, craft sheets,songs and classroom readers. Some of the sites you can get them from are;;;;;; Google earth. 

All the above websites are a good first stop for your class resources. They provide everything from wordsearches, craftsheets, flascards, songs and short readers, grammar sheets and video. British council provides apps that help with vocabulary, and stories that help with listening and speaking skills.

ESL Lesson Plans for Teenagers 

When it comes to the field of ESL education, most job prospects fall under teaching business English to adults or teaching children their basics. Teenagers don’t come first on the list because they come with their own set of challenges.

With a lot on their plate, some can often come across as moody. And if you get a big group of them, there’s guaranteed to be a lot of chatter and goofing around. A lot of teachers I know will not teach teenagers and percieve them to be too challenging for the rewards on offer. 

But teaching teenagers can also be rewarding. When teens respond well to an activity or a lesson, it can have a big impact on them. It’s rewarding to watch any English learner succeed—but helping a teenager master a skill that prepares them for college or their dream job, or broadens their understanding of the world, is an amazing feeling.

Plus, teaching teenagers basically forces you to think outside the box! They’re too old for simple vocabulary games and they don’t typically have the internal drive and focus that many adult ESL learners have. Getting creative with your lessons and discovering what motivates your students will make you feel like a super-teacher! You will be forced to think on your feet. And if you can do that, most of the other challenges you face in the classroom will seem a lot less. 

ESL Lesson Plans for Adults

Teaching adults can be a great privilege.

Let them know you care with outstanding, informative lesson plans!

Adult students are eager to learn.They take responsibility for their learning progress.

They often provide a wonderful snapshot of their own culture so both teachers and students can learn in the classroom.

But adults are also more demanding. They want to know how to function in their new language as fast as possible and they prize practicality above all else.

They’ll challenge your knowledge and methodsof instruction pushing you until they get the best information you can give.

When teaching adults the English language, it’s very important to provide practical useful language such as key vocabulary and phrases for survival in English speaking countries—that can help them in their everyday lives and advance them toward their lofty goals of English fluency. Quite often adults require a formal qualification at the end of the course. Studying IELTS would provide this framework..

The International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) is widely recognised as a test of language aility of candidates who needto study or work where English is the language of communication.

12 thoughts on “ESL Lesson Plans for Kids”

  1. Indeed teaching ESL can be very challenging and interesting especially with teenagers. There are unique methods of teaching teenager and adults alike and it’s very important to understand your student to be able to successfully reach out to them and help them out. A good teacher should also recognise the individualistic nature of every student and must be able to help everyone succeed. 

    1. Jude you have hit the nail on the head when you say a good teacher should recognize the individualistic nature oof each student and use this to help the student succeed/

  2. My opinion is that nowadays it is very important to start learning English as soon as possible, so these ESL Lesson plans for kids are really great and recommended.
    Today, the English language is very important because of the Internet and the source of a lot of information, and therefore this knowledge is very useful.
    I am glad that you have divided the ESL Lesson plans into kids, teenagers, and adults because the needs for knowledge are really conditioned according to the age and interests of different age groups.
    I wish you all the best

    1. Hi Nina, I agree 100%. The earlier we start the learning process the better will be the student. We now have so many resources it would be a shame to not use them.

  3. Wow, what a great post about giving ESL lessons to Kids! I am also a parent and always appreciate anyone’s interest in providing ESL resources online or offline. But since the first phase of the COVID pandemic, it’s been mostly about online teaching here and there, so I agreed with you that resources must be centered on a specific age before it can work out fine. Thanks for the information tutorial. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Joyce, I appreciate the feedback and my heart goes out to all the parents who have kids caught out with the Covid dilemma. On line teaching is difficult enough and any way you can make life easier and more pertinent should be used.

  4. Hello there! This is a great read. As a first generation Chinese American, I had a really difficult time picking up English since my parents couldn’t speak the language too well nor could they afford for me to have tutors. Fortunately, I had a lot of really patient teachers who took the time to teach me. I definitely agree with you that teachers should always look for new ways to teach and engage their students. Not one method works for everyone. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Mike, 

      That is really great feedback and I am really pleased that you got good teachers that took the time to help you. With things changing so fast in our world, we have to look out for new and different ways to get  our message across.



  5. ELS 5 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced and High-Advanced. I have learned from experience that we tend to be very demanding when learning a new language. So for an English teacher having adult students in Advanced and High-Advanced level it will be challenging. But also very interesting due to the complexity of the topics that will be discussed.

    1. Hi Ann, hank you for your comments. Yes, When your students start at a higher the skill level the range of topics can be quite exciting. I know when I have done a good job because my students want to discuss various topics nd they can hold their own in a discussion. I also enjoy doing IELTS , but that is a bit more regimented.

  6. Thanks for this information on ESL lesson plans for younger kids, teenagers, and adults. Your information on each one of these categories is very useful for anyone who is going to take on the roll as a teacher. Which of the websites that you shared have the best lesson plans?

    1. Hi Al, Thanks for your comments. Each teacher has their own preference when it comes to what they want from a site. But for diversities sake and ease of operation I prefer

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