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Teaching through Covid.

There are a lot of very hungry teachers. Around  Asia and a lot of other countries. There are Teachers suffering with lockdown. If you are not making money then this may help you.

First, let me tell you what is happening in Vietnam. We have been in lockdown for three months now with curfews from 6pm to 6am.If you are caught outside even within these hours without a “pass” the police can fine you. Three million dong, which is about $135.00 US.

My wife went to a supermarket outside our area and was pulled over by the police. Luckilly they understood that we can not get everything from our corner shop.

Prices are up in the shops and people are hurting.Not just the locals but the Ex Pats as well. So if this resonates with you, I hope this helps.

There are Jobs.

Jobs are being offered and most of them are on line. Some schools and companies are advertising for teachers .But it is doubtfull that you will be standing in front of any students.

Most of the teaching will be done on line. Are you prepared?  First you will need a job. I have provided a shortlist of  online schools that are actively looking for Teachers. If you need help in finding a job send me a message.

Some schools looking for Teachers.

Here are a few schools that are currently recruiting. I would get in fast because everyone is looking for income.


I also have a lot more that you can find with this link. ==> On Line Schools <==

What do I need?

There are three main things you need. A computer with a webcam, a comfortable chair and a headset with a microphone. Also you need somewhere quiet to teach.

Here are some of my favorite things.

A good computer. A thin and light laptop that you can use both on line and in the classroom.


 A comfortable Chair. Comfortable and cheap. Somewhere you can sit and teach.


 A Headset with microphone. Logitech, down from $70.00, what a bargain. Good sound all around. 

I have my own students.

I have been teaching in Vietnam for fifteen years and now have a lot of students. If you have your own students it is obviously much better. But what platform do you use to teach and how do you teach if you have only taught in the classroom.?

I have used a few different on line conference platforms. Skype, Messsenger but my prefernce is Google meet.

Why? Easy, It is free and gives you one hour of talk time. I have used this conferencing platform for one and a half hours without being kicked off. And all for free.

Google meet is very easy to use. Go to the Google browser and type in Google Meet and everything is explained. It only took me 30 minutes to fully understand how to use it and I am no Tech Savvy Whiz Kid.

How do I teach On line?

Teaching on line can be fun. Both for you and your students. But it does take a bit of skill and knowledge.

Keep it light and funny. Your students are sitting down so you do not want to bore them. I also do physical exercises with the younger students to wake them up. Stand up, sit down, stand up , sit down. Touch your nose, touch your eyes, touch your bottom, put your fingers under your nose ..smell that..yuck. Don’t do that. Remember, keep it funny for the younger students.

With the older students I do a lot of reading and they have to write what I say. But ask semi personal questions. “what time did you go to bed: Teacher, I went to bed at 3am. Ha ha, is your Mother there. Did she hear.

And do not just read from a book. Make up your own story. And base it on what the students have told you. Remember we are Teachers and we think on our feet.

When I heard a student tell me she went to bed at 3am because she was playing video games, I made up a story about what is healthy and what is not healthy. I then got the students to write a mini 10 minute essay on what they have done lately that is healthy and not healthy. I also joked along the way.

You only have one hour. ( This is my Max. time for teaching online) If you are comfortable teaching longer that is OK. But it might not be OK with your students. Especially the younger ones who have a shorter attention span. Also they might not have a comfortable chair or a quiet background.


I hope this gives you some ideas for Teaching on line.If you have any advice or comments please share them so others can benefit as well. Thanks for reading.


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