Leap Frog | Leap pad Tablet.

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What is a leapfrog | Leap pad tablet? 

A leapfrog tablet is a learning tablet that is preloaded with more than 20 educator-approved apps that explore math, reading, writing, problem-solving and creativity skills. In a nutshell it is a fun way for children to learn.

Why Should I buy It?

Fun learning games are a great way to build your child’s basic skills in math and language skills. These are a necessary requirement for the elementary school curriculum. . Also, they teach essential skills for preschool and early learners. For that reason, Fun Learning Games were made with children in mind. This makes learning fun and your children will want to learn.

Laugh and Learn, The Benefits of game based learning.

Computer style learning Games are a great  way to build important skills that children need to succeed.

Educational games for kids play an important role in making learning fun and interesting.

Children enjoy learning with educational games on computers.

They can learn math, languages, and much more. These make their learning experience rewarding and fun.

There is an idea that gaming has a bad effect on your child’s educational development. This is far from the truth. There are very many reasons to challenge this idea. Gaming is a basic component of engaging the child and providing fun-based learning.

What does it teach?


  • Coding
  • Counting
  • Creative Expression
  • Environmental Science
  • Life Science
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Music & Rhythm
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Visual Puzzles

What is included.

Preloaded content

Includes preloaded content. It features core skills in mathematics, reading and science as well as music, puzzles, logic and creativity.

Powerful processor

Built with fast, powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast fun.

Kid-smart fun

Access to 1000+ learning games, videos, eBooks and more. All designed and approved by LeapFrog® educators. And it’s kid-tough and kid-friendly right out of the box.

Personalized learning

Features Just for Me™ learning technology. Personalizes select games, remembers curricular progress and automatically adjusts learning levels.


Educator-approved games and apps

Choose from hundreds of fun learning games. E Books, apps, videos, music and more—designed by learning experts, just for children!

Leap frogs learning library has 2,600 options.


Technical Specs.

Leap pad ultimate specs.

Screen Shatter-resistant 7-inch multi-touch capacitive screen
Resolution 1024×600 screen resolution
Rechargeable battery Built-in lithium ion
Battery life 5+ hours
Speed 1.0GHz
Memory size 8GB memory
micro SD Card Slot No
Operating System Brio OS
Camera 2MP front and back cameras
Video recorder 480p video recording
Weight (kg) 1.205
Dimensions (inches) 9.06 x 5.88 x 1
Manufacturer’s warranty 1-year warranty
Included content value Explore 15+ preloaded apps & videos
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth® No
Audio 3.5mm stereo jack with microphone
Accelerometer Yes
Access to LeapFrog® Learning Library
and approved Android™ apps
Open web access with parental approval No
Automatically adjusts skill level** Yes
Parent controls Yes
Time controls Yes
Recommended age range 3-9 years


Also comes in pink. And there are over 2,000 games and learning activities available.

Special Offer | Buy now while it lasts.

LeapFrog is as committed as ever. They help making learning fun and support parents with the tools they need to keep kids learning.

LeapFrog is offering an extended 2-month free trial of their interactive learning program.

LeapFrog Academy offer reduced pricing on 6-month and 12-month plans for parents who want to keep the learning going.


Price. $119.89 from Amazon.      Leap pad Ultimate $172.01.       Delivery to your door.

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4 thoughts on “Leap Frog | Leap pad Tablet.”

  1. Hi Stephen. Thank you for very interesting article. My kids birthday are close and I was looking for some educative toy for him. Your post will save me lot of time as Leap Frog seems as a perfect gift. To be fair I haven’t heard about this before, but looking on your review it includes multiple great functions (including coding !), it looks nice and price is really reasonable. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. I am pleased you like it. I think it is a great tool for learning as well as being fun. I hope your Son has a great birthday. Thank you.

  2. These things look like theyre absolutely brilliant. It also gives the child a sense of independence owning their own device. This is something i would definitely be interested in buying my child. Some of the skills look complicated for her age mind you, but theres always the future. What age range would you say that these are suitable for?

    1. Thanks Kwidzin, The age range is specified as 3 to 9 years old, but after viewing it I think you can add on another year or two. 5 to 10 would be perfect. Although it is really up to the ability of the child. Also it adapts to the skill level of the child. The better they get, the more challenging it becomes. Thanks for the feedback.

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