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Before you come to Vietnam it is a good idea to get a bit of local Knowledge. One of the best resources I have found is the Lonely Planet guide. Whether you come as a tourist or to work I recommend doing a bit of reading before you come. To understand more about the culture and it’s people will help you in your daily dealings.

The Lonely Planet Guide for Vietnam is essential reading and if you wish you can also look at the Lonely Planet Vietnamese phrasebook and dictionary as well as Eat Vietnam.  

Lonely Planet provides the most up to date advice and what to do in Vietnam.


  • Itineries, travel advice and information on cities and the surrounds and what to see and do.
  • Vietnamese food and the different regional foods that can be found and enjoyed in Vietnam. It’s not all “Pho”
  • The culture and people of Vietnam. Where and when to bargain. Showing respect and not inadvertantly annoying the locals.
  • Vietnamese markets. From food to clothes to electronics to floating flower markets. Prepare for a day of fun.
  • Money and exchange rates. ATM information. It’s all about the “Dong” ( Vietnam currency)
  • The weather and when are the best seasons to visit and travel. Vietnam is not just hot.
  • The beer and coffee culture of Vietnam. Ice in my beer, yes please. Caf’e Sua Da, a cold coffee that is delicious.
  • Etiquette in Vietnam. Also please look at my website for more information on this at ….
    Etiquette in Vietnam – Be Nice – Teaching ESL in Vietnam 2021 (vietnamesl.com)
  • Travelling around Vietnam by Planes, Trains, Automobiles and motorbikes. What is a “Xe Om” and why are they so good?.
  • A brief history of Vietnam and it’s people. Vietnamese are a resilient people, find out why.
  • The best places to stay and the best things to do.


  • As a tourist you can use these books to help plan your trip as well as immersing yourself more into the culture while you are here.
  • If you plan to work and live in Vietnam for an extended period of time, these books will arm you with the knowledge in helping you to get around.
  • Understanding more about the culture and it’s people will increase your respect amongst the Vietnamese.
  • Learning some basic phrases will open many doors for you. Whether you are a tourist, teacher or an ex-pat in Vietnam.
  • Knowledge is power.




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