Product review: Blue-tooth headset/Amp.

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Two of the most important things you can have in the classroom to help you are;

1) A Bluetooth headset Amplifier.

You need your blue tooth headset amplifier to make life easier in the classroom by projecting your voice loud enough so that it is heard. In Vietnam it is quite common in public schools to have class sizes of 50 students plus. You want to be heard by every student because as soon as some students don’t hear you, they will start talking. If they start talking then you will get everyone wanting to talk and you have just lost control of your class. Yes you can use your natural voice but over time this puts a strain on your vocal chords and you will start to lose your voice. Who said teaching wasn’t fun. I recommend a headband style headset.. Also I recommend anything that has an output of over 25watts.

Product Review: Blue Tooth Speaker.

2)  Blue tooth speaker

A blue tooth speaker is also a very necessary item for you in the class room. You can connect your phone to the blue tooth speaker and run any audio content directly from your phone to the speaker. You can save your audio files in Google drive then play them when needed. I generally prepare everything the night before and am ready for class in the morning. Once again I prefer anything over 25 watts output and there are some very good speakers on the market at the moment for a fair price.

So there you have it. The two best classroom tools that over the years have saved my voice and saved my sanity. There are a variety of different products on the market and these are but two you can use. I have used them and they are good. But you may wish to use something else, and that is great too. Find something that you like and are comfortable with.

If you wish for further recommendations please don’t hesitate to contact me:-)  Any feedback is also welcome.

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